The Eiffel Tower is just 15 minutes’ walk from the Hotel Val Girard. It’s a pleasant walk, taking you to one of the world’s most prestigious sites.

Leave the hotel and walk to the end of the Rue Pétel; turn into the Rue Lecourbe, and head for the Rue de la Croix-Nivert. On the way, you could stop for a moment in the Square Saint-Lambert, which is listed as a historical monument, in the “20th-century heritage” category.

Your walk to the Eiffel Tower continues along the Rue Lowendal, bringing you to the foot of the prestigious Military College. Take the Avenue de Suffren, which will take you to the foot of the Eiffel Tower.

For an even more attractive route, a soon as you have walked in front of the Military College, turn right off the Avenue de Suffren to take advantage of the Champs de Mars and its 25 hectares of green spaces – it will take you straight to the Eiffel Tower.